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The End Of An Era ...

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of Oddity Commodity. It's a bit sad, but it seems that, as a group, we all feel that OddCo has served its purpose and run its course. Oddity Commodity has given us a place to pursue our artwork without fear of judgement and has provided us all with an opportunity to help each other advance their individual talents. Although we remain a close-knit group of friends and a support system for each other, many of us are looking to pursue our chosen craft under our own names. On that note, I would like to announce the start of, anchor member and concept artist for OddCo, Chris Burkheart's solo art career. Many of you are familiar with his amazing artist abilities and even own a drawing or two. Please continue to support this amazing artist by viewing his site, ChrisBurkheart.com, and visiting at the Phoenix Comicon in May.

We would like to thank all the people who have supported us over the years including family, friends, fans and retailers. We couldn't have ever imagined we'd ever meet so many cool people and see so many people enjoy our artwork so much. It's amazing that we've had so many people come to our events, stand in what seemed like an endless line for a sketch, sport our clothing, read our comics, hang up our artwork, return to see us every month and yell "WOO ODDCO!" at the top of their lungs. I can say for certain that I've never felt more accomplished than when hanging out with this group of assholes and I'm glad that at least some of the people of Phoenix (the important people) got to see how awesome we truly are. Thanks again for all your support and we have grief counselors available to help you through any emotions you may be unable to handle on your own.

Gotham City Comics

Oddity Commodity is down at Gotham City Comics in Downtown Mesa slinging our dope merch! So if you don’t have one of our new shirts or our comic book, Room 101, come on down. We’re also going to be down at Drawn to Comics tomorrow afternoon at 4pm. Be there bitches!

Under Construction

The OddCo site is currently going through some new changes. We’re changing formats so that we may better keep you informed of our going-ons. So, bare with us as we get things up to code. In the mean time, please enjoy our new, more interactive front page stream of news/updates from the OddCo. Thanks for your patience and all your continued support!

PS. Check out our new Event Calendar!

Thanks For Your Support At The Phoenix Comicon & Second Friday!

We'd like to thank everyone who came out and supported the OddCo booth! We really appreciated meeting so many cool people who enjoyed our artwork. Special shout out to Steve Rogers, Dead Pooh, Mark "Mad Doctor/Scientist Dude", dude who temporarily rocked the monkey mask, Pervert Guy, The Nickelback Remix Group, Sedona Teacher Lady, Suave Devil Guy, Charmander and Son, Gary Busey Guy, The Nazi Destroyer, Jason the Mesh Shirt Dude, Dominique, The Creeper Chick and Hit Girl, Beiber Kid and Shooter Lad, Awkward Shirtless Dude, Overly Excited Aquaman Fanboy, Army Chick, Karate Nut Puncher, Chris The Tongue Rapist, Chell Chick and Larissa who explained it all.

Thanks to your support, we sold out of The O.D.D. Chronicles, which means we will soon be premiering the variant cover of Issue #1. So, keep a look out for more news on that front.

And finally, we will be at Evermore Nevermore on June 10th for our 142nd Annual Second Friday event. We will have our new shirts that we debuted at the Phoenix Comicon and of course, Chris will be there with his silly pictures. Speaking of which, after our great success with our free sketches at the Con, Chirs will now be charging $50 per sketch. Just kidding, they're free as always! So we'll see you there!

OddCo At The Phoenix Comicon!

This weekend Oddity Commodity will be showcasing our sweet goods at a booth for the 2011 Phoenix Comicon in Downtown Phoenix! We will be at Booth #511 every day of the Con and will be raffling off prizes at the end of each day. Not only are we are going to be running a bunch of specials on shirts and prints, but we have a new shirt just for the Con! Check out our Facebook event for more info. So come on out and see us rockin' the show! Who knows, you may even get to see our monkey.

Goodbye Sweet Prince, Annual Collab Book & O.D.D. Chronicles #2!

It's been a while since any news, and plenty o' news there is! So let's just skip the awkward moment in which I try to win back your undying love with charm and relentlessly funny jokes ...

First off, before we begin any OddCo news, let's take this time to talk about the departure of one of our own. James Hiralez, as of today, has left OddCo to pursue other interests in life and we wish him the best of luck! We'll miss you and "Little" John Connor impersonation!

Now that being said, let's move on to happier news!

Well ladies and gentlemen it's official, this October, OddCo will be releasing the very first annual Collaborative Halloween Comic book. Gathering illustrators and writers from all over the valley to bring you some of the most uncanny and touching tales of despair, love, and morality. This year's all star line up, as it stands now, features illustrators: Chris Burkheart, Big Chris Wood, Shelby Robertson, and Shawn McGowan. Working along side them will be writers: Eric Chanen, Jason Mandell, Jacob Gallegos, and Sam Gomez respectively. We couldn't be any happier with the talent on this upcoming project and we're even more stoked for the final product!

Finally, the wait is over ... The O.D.D. Chronicles Issue #2 is being released as a digital download! We would have liked to release this as a full color book, but unfortunately we are currently experiencing printing issues. This is causing further delays on the release of the physical copy itself, so instead of keeping everyone waiting even longer we have decided to release it now for those who are desperately waiting the read! For those awaiting the physical copy, an ETA will be announced at a later date.

So mark your calendars for April 13th because Oz is back and crazier than ever!

Until next time....

Amazing Arizona Comic Con, A Call To Arms, And O.D.D. Chronicles #2!

We're back!

OddCo's first post of the new year. A post that'll signify what kind of year it's going to be! First things first! Thank you to everyone who was in attendance at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con. Though our gratitude was long overdue, your support and undying devotion keeps us moving into the coming year! So from OddCo, THANK YOU!

Calling all artists! OddCo is launching a new annual concept comic book and we are extending out our talented hands to others! If you're an artist who's worked on or thought about doing comic work, OddCo wants you! The project not only calls for illustrators, but writers as well. Must be able to work under deadlines and be aware that there is no compensation, except stories to share later, oh so many stories! This project is a collaboration and it's as simple as that. The concept is to showcase the local talent within AZ, not to turn a profit. If you're interested in anyway or just have questions contact either Chris Burkheart, for illustration, or Eric Chanen, for writers, on the Contacts page.

Next, the O.D.D. Chronicles 2 ... is on its way shortly, I Promise! Not only will the wait be more than worth it, but OddCo is extending this issue to be more personal to our fans! Excited yet? Well, you should be because YOU could be forever cast in comic book history! If you comment in the Guestbook or on the OddCo Wall via Facebook, your comment will be printed in the very next issue of the O.D.D. Chronicles 2! Starting today thru February 16th, so get on it!

Also, If you haven't signed up for the Newsletter, SIGN UP NOW! By signing up to the OddCo Newsletter, not only do you get updates instantly sent to your email, but also exclusive offers such as discounts and much more!

That's all for now, but there are big things to come. Be ready!

Amazing Arizona Comic Con, O.D.D. Chronicles #2
And A Desperate Plea For Attention!

Dear awesome, loyal ,and adoring fans, do we have some news to share! Your very own Oddity Commodity will be exhibitors at the very first Amazing Arizona Comic Con! Not only were we very excited upon being invited to said convention, we were even more enthralled upon hearing our placement in the convention hall which places us next to some pretty heavy hitters currently rocking the comic world! Comic Con is Jan. 8th-9th at the Mesa Convention Center, so make sure you get your tickets today. As usual we'll be there rocking some dope free sketches. Also we'll have merch for sale including but not limited to the first issue of The O.D.D. Chronicles and our new exclusive hoodies!
Speaking of which, If you have not already purchased your new hoodie I suggest you pick one up asap! Stock is running low!
We couldn't have anticipated how fast these hoodies would be flying out the door. So if you wanna keep warm in style and rep that OddCo label on your back, pick your hoodie up today! You can grab one online at OddCoShop.com or in person at Evermore Nevermore today!

Also, for the people who've been wondering what's going on with The O.D.D. Chronicles #2, well currently Oz is in the middle of being colored! Yes, that's right, Oz will be back IN COLOR!
Previews to come very soon, so keep them eyes peeled!

And to conclude we'd also like if anyone, if not everyone, can take some time out to let us know your thoughts on OddCo! Opinions are very appreciated! Not only do they help us know if we're doing our jobs right, but also help us to improve on current ideas! So let us know by writing either in the guestbook, on Facebook, MySpace, or individually email a member through the Contact page!

Until next time, stay classy San Diego!

OddCoShop.com is now OPEN And The True Love Hoodie Premier!

True Love HoodieOur new online shop is finally open for business. Head on over to OddCoShop.com where you'll find all sorts of Oddity Commodity merchandise!

Also premiering tonight is our highly anticipated and critically acclaimed True Love Hoodie. Make sure you grab one quick because our last hoodies sold out fast and we're sure these will do the same. If you're one of those people that's scared of buying things on the internet and you happen to be in the Downtown Mesa area, stop into Evermore Nevermore to pick up your hoodie. EN is the only location where you can try before you buy. Either way, cop the new True Love Hoodie soon or you'll be sorry sucka.

Second Friday, New Retailers and Announcement!

Gather 'round ladies and gentlemen. Once again OddCo is
back to rain terror on the streets of downtown Mesa! That's
right, I said terror ... and free sketches! It's that time again, OddCo will be back at the EvEr awesome Evermore Nevermore for this upcoming Second Friday. OddCo will
be there not only bringing talent but personality. So come on down, show your support and get an awesome free sketch of WHATEVER you want! And if you feel like being blown away, pick up the first issue of The O.D.D. Chronicles!

The Brightest SaturdaySecondly, be sure you check out OddCo
at Drawn to Comics for The Brightest Saturday on Saturday, November 27th.An event where local artist can showcase their talents. Of course OddCo will present and in usual form. Also don't miss The Blackest Friday at Drawn to Comics on Black Friday for some awesome holiday deals!

Next, for those who haven't witnessed the awesomeness that is Oz in the very first issue of The O.D.D. Chronicles, we are happy to offer a new list of retailers carrying the issue:

Evermore Nevermore
(480) 964-4624
127 W. Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85201
Drawn to Comics
(623) 847-9090
5757 W. Glendale Ave
Glendale, AZ 85301
  Jesse James Comics
(602) 993-0392
10620 N. 43rd Ave #1
Glendale, AZ 85304
Ash Avenue Comics
(480) 858-9447
810 S. Ash Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281
  Pop Culture Paradise
(480) 557-6640
707 S. Forest Ave. Suite A
on ASU Campus
Tempe, AZ 85281
Samurai Comics
(602) 265-8886
1051 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Comic Zone
(480) 483-2685
5909 N. Granite Reef Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Supplies are limited so make sure you get yours!

Last but definitely not least I'm gonna leave you with this awesome exciting bit of info. Chris Burkheart has just begun doing the pencils on The O.D.D. Chronicles #2! So not too far
in the future you'll be reading what is expected to be the greatest comic series outside of the Garfield comic strip! It's okay to be excited!

Thanks Again And MORE News!

Let's start this off right! This past Saturday we held our west
side release for The O.D.D. Chronicles at Drawn to Comics! Again, the outcome was more than surprising and we at OddCo appreciate everyone's support! So to our supporters, THANK YOU!!! Without you, none of this would mean anything. Also, we'd like to shine the spotlight on the owner of Drawn to Comics, Ken Brown, for showing the OddCo boys that love really is all you need! We'd also like to again thank Evermore Nevermore for hosting our first release party. So thanks to Drawn to Comics and Evermore Nevermore for making
our first comic book release a memorable one!

And on that note, we have some awesome news to announce!
If you haven't already heard, then I have the distinct pleasure of being the first to tell you ... there will be a follow up issue! DUN DUN DUN! I know, I'm as excited as you are right now! We've received nothing but great responses for the first issue, which only reinforces our desires to continue on with the chronicles
of Oz! So be prepared because Oz is coming ... back! We're hoping for an early January release, so mark your calendars cause OddCo is taking over the new year!

We'd also like to encourage anyone and everyone who may
feel it necessary to express their thoughts, opinions and/or questions about the very first issue of The O.D.D. Chronicles,
to go ahead and write in. You can write a message to a specific member of OddCo from the Contact page or you can add your comments to our strikingly bare Guestbook. We'd love to see some written inspiration to help encourage us during the creation of the second issue!

Also, we again would like to encourage everyone to go ahead and subscribe to the newsletter by clicking the "subscribe" button on the home page. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the new OddShop which will allow you to buy merch right from the website.

Lastly, also to come in early 2011, we will be releasing the OddCast! A bi-weekly podcast where the members of OddCo will get a chance to reveal our personalities and inner most thoughts on various topics. Guaranteed to be the greatest thing since the creation of the Ouija board!

Thanks And News!

Three months ago a group of fellahs came together with the
idea of creating a comic book like none other. Starting with an impactful story, followed by artwork that left people's jaws at the ground's disposal and ending with the inking/shading that made you question the very idea of color. Well, my attentive readers, last Friday that idea turned to reality. The O.D.D. Chronicles #1 was released to a very surprising and receptive crowd! We at OddCo would like to take this time and this update to extend
our hands in gratitude and thank all of our adoring fans who
were in attendance! You sure set the bar for an awesome first release, for the many sure to come after! As well, we'd like to express our deepest gratitude for the fine people at Evermore Nevermore! Without them we'd still be poking and prodding homeless people for shameless promotions.

Also, we didn't forgot the people on the west side. We will be doing our official west side release at the very awesome and never hesitant Drawn to Comics on Saturday, October 23rd.
As usual it's guaranteed to be laughs and you may even squirt a few tears when we have to leave for the night. We will be doing book signings and free sketches for the event! So mark your calendars cause your life will never be the same again!

And last but not least, anyone who is not able to make the upcoming event and/or might of missed the last one due to family crisis (there's no other excuse!), you'll soon have the opportunity to buy the comic on our online store! So keep them eyes peeled cause you might miss something!

OZ IS COMING! Also New Art Show Appearance
And Website Updates!

Here at OddCo we've been working diligently for the release
of our very first comic book. This future release has not only induced anticipation and sweaty palms in the weak and elderly, but also marks the release of OZ!

"The O.D.D. Chronicles" at Evermore NevermoreWho is Oz? Well on the outside Oz is
a monkey; on the inside, he is anything
but. Stories of betrayal, morals and family
values separate him from any other primate.
On Friday, October 8th come down to Evermore Nevermore and witness, as well as celebrate,
the release of the brand new and highly anticipated comic,
"The O.D.D. Chronicles".

The "Me +1 And Then Some" ShowSecondly, on Saturday, October 16th,
the very talented artists of OddCo,
Chris Burkheart and James Hiralez,
will be showcasing their work in the collab
art show, "Me +1 And Then Some", taking place at the Push Gallery! The show starts
at 7pm and ends whenever you want it to! Check out some fine pieces of art from
some very talented artist and keep in mind,
not only can you view original pieces, but you can also go
home with them ... the artwork that is.

Last but not least, we've made some new updates to the website. First off, you can now subscribe to our new weekly newsletters by clicking "Subscribe" up above or by clicking HERE. Our newest member, Eric Chanen, will be keeping
you up to date with all the latest OddCo news. Secondly, the Contacts page has been updated to better suit your needs. You're now able to send a message to any one of the OddCo members individually. No longer will you have to worry that all
of OddCo will be reading your letter of unrequited love for James, while mocking you furiously. Well, no, we'd still mock
you if you did that, but at least your letter would go directly to James before he shows the rest of us.

See everyone October 8th!

New Members, BIG Announcement And
The ENcredicon!

First off we'd like to welcome three new members to Oddity Commodity. This is a first folks! Since its Inception (it's all
a dream
) and conception, OddCo has yet to officially induct
new members. Their contributions to OddCo have been insurmountable, most notably in conjunction with our BIG announcement. So without further ado we'd like to welcome
Eric Chanen, Sam Gomez and Jason Mandell to Oddity Commodity.

OddCo is publishing it's very first COMIC BOOK!

And we pulled out all the stops for this one, all of the work
having been done in-house; from Inception (no seriously,
watch it again.
) to conception. We're going to be showcasing previews for said comic at Evermore Nevermore for September's Second Friday. So you better make it down
to Evermore to check out the new pieces; you'll regret it if
you don't.

Which leads us right into THE ENCREDICON!

Evermore Nevermore is doing it big for
this month's Second Friday. September
10th is going to the best thing that happened
to comics since Batman; the First Annual ENcredicon! Featuring local comic book artists, including the Mighty OddCo (comic book not included), this event promises
to bring dignity back to the Mesa comics
scene (we're looking at you Atomic Comics; you elitist sell
. Go back to LA you fake Hollywood *************!).
So bring out your family and dress to the nines cause
we're doing it big!

August's Second Friday at Evermore Nevermore,
New (Old) Sketches Up & A Big Announcement!

We're doing the "Dog Days of Summer"
at Evermore Nevermore this Second Friday! So as usual, Chris and James will be doing FREE sketches for all. And fitting with this month's theme, you're welcome to bring out your dog and get a sketch with them! Sweet right! I guess, if you're into that kinda thing. Anyways, I've finally spent some time and caught up on some of the Second Friday sketches in our gallery. So check out our work and get some ideas for your
free sketch on Friday. And finally, OddCo will being making
a BIG announcement so make sure you're there for the festivities! Peace.

July's Second Friday at Evermore Nevermore!

OddCo will be out on Second Friday,
once again blowing your minds at Evermore Nevermore. Come on out if you want to
get one of our highly sought after and greatly admired sketches from our amazing artists, Chris Burkheart and James Hiralez.
We'll be there all night just killin' it son. And keep checking back for news of a BIG project coming up. Can't wait to give you more info
on that one!

Push Gallery Art Show Friday Night!

Oddity Commodity will be continuing their takeover of the Phoenix art scene on Friday night with the help of some of the best artists
in the southwest. The show will not only feature previous work by our very own James Hiralez and Chris Burkheart, but will also feature
new pieces that were created specifically
for this show. They will be joined by TalentZero aka Ray Rivas, Thnk9000
aka Trent Larson and Jay Business.
The show will be at the world renowned Push Gallery, at the corner of 11th St & Roosevelt St., starting at 7pm and lasting into the wee hours of the night. Ok, that was a lie, it ends
at midnight. Oh, and it's FREE suckas, so you
got no excuse to not come out. You better be
there. I'm serious. And peep the flyer sucka.

Free Comic Book Day 2010! Round 2 Suckas!
And This Time We Have FREE Shirts!

It's Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 1st and OddCo will be spending the whole day at the best comic shop in the world, Drawn To Comics! We've once again been invited
to spend the day doing sketches, hanging out and just generally inspiring the masses with
our talent and charm. We were so excited for this year's Free Comic Book Day that we decided to design a shirt specifically for the occasion.
It's ill. And by the way, we'll be giving them away for FREE.
First come, first serve suckas, so get there early. So come on down to Drawn To Comics in downtown Glendale to get your FREE comics, your FREE sketch and your FREE Limited Edition Oddity Commodity Free Comic Book Day T-Shirt!

The All OddCo Second Friday Art Show!

Our monthly Second Friday Art Show at Evermore Nevermore is tomorrow night
from 6pm till 930pm. And this month we'll not only be doing FREE sketches for all, but we'll be having our very own art show full of 100% Odd creations in Evermore's back room! So if you think our clothing and sketches are the ish, then we're gonna blow your mind sucka. We'll be displaying artwork that's probably new to most
of you, along with a couple pieces that are new to everybody.
So get your sweet cheeks out to Evermore Nevermore tomorrow night and be a part of history. It'll be ill.

Vegas Pics & Second Friday!

First off, we've put up some of our pics from our trip to Vegas in the Vegas Gallery. Check out some of our shenanigans and let us know what you think on our Guestbook.

Love, In Shades Of Death Show FlyerTonight is our latest Second Friday event and
it should be a doozy Not only are we going to be doing our FREE sketches and displaying some awesome new artwork, but we'll be available for pictures as well. I know, I know, how gracious of us. It's just the kind of people we are. OddCo gives back! Also at Evermore Nevermore, who was featured in the Tribune
today, there will be a Steampunk Spectacular Exhibit showcasing the talents of our local steampunk artists. And
if you're on the fence about coming down, or you're not sure
if you're interested in this steampunk business, then I have
just two words for you. STEAMPUNK LIGHTSABER!!!!!!
It's AWESOME! Oh, and I think the theme for Downtown
Mesa this month is Sweethearts On Main. So if you're into
that kinda crap or you have a girlfriend (don't worry, most of
our fans don't. And if you do, keep it to yourself you smug bastard) who is, then come check out the festivities!
See you there!

New Pics, Commissions, Vegas WAR Art Show & Second Friday Art Show!

So it's been about a month since I've made any updates the site. Sorry guys, been busy. You understand. So here we go ...

There are new pic in the Sketches Gallery from the January Second Friday. Also, new pics in the Life Drawing Gallery from the last two sessions we had. Mostly from our friend Tech Pimp aka Baby Neck Snappa aka Kyna Tek aka Kevin. But that's just cause he draws straight digital son! And finally we've put up the photos from the Midnight In A Winter Horrorland Fashion Show (which a certain someone refused to be in) in the Winter Fashion Show Gallery. So, check them out, they're pretty fun (Look for the one of Amanda Tucker, of Modified Minds, Zombie Girls and Evermore Nevermore fame, performing daring feats of ... daring I guess).

Moving on, we now are taking commissions for artwork. Details about said commissions can be found on our (surprise, surprise) Commissions page. To request a commission, visit our Contact page.

WAR Show FlyerNext, we are proud to announce that OddCo will be taking part in an amazing art show in Las Vegas (Vegas baby! (Sorry, I had to)) on Friday, February 5th!!! The show is called Without A Ruler and will be featuring a slew
of the Love, In Shades Of Death Show Flyerbest artist who ever defaced a city near
you. So if you're gonna be in Vegas or would like to go, then come to the show and support your hometown hero's and us too.

Finally, we'll be doing our monthly Second Friday Art Show at Evermore Nevermore
on Friday, February 12th. It'll be from 6pm till about 9:30pm as per usual. Not only will we
be showcasing Love, In Shades Of Death Shirtsome new artwork,but we'll
have some of the infamous and gorgeous Zombie Girls walking around in the newest OddCo ladies shirt, "Love, In Shades Of Death". So come out,get a FREE sketch,
a new shirt (hint, hint) and discreetly stalk an attractive girl in a public place. See you there!

Artist Appreciation At Drawn To Comics.

Come out to Drawn To Comics, 58th Ave & Glendale
in Glendale, tonight for OddCo's last appearance of 2009.
They will be having an Artist Appreciation night featuring lots
of local talent, all waiting to service you! Also, they'll draw you anything you want. We'll be there from 6pm till 9pm and we
hope to see you there.

New Banner, Thanks, Guestbook & Life Drawing Tonight!

First off, as you can see, we have a brand new web banner for all of our loyal stalkers. Get the code to put it up on your myspace or website from our Downloads page.

Next, we'd love to thank Evermore Nevermore and El Vaquero Muerto for including us in their Winter In A Midnight Horrorland Fashion Show. We'd also like to thank Wynter Holden from the Phoenix New Times for including us in her write up of the event (even if she credited us with the wrong dress). We'll have pictures soon.

Also, we have a new Guestbook! So show your support and sign it!

Finally, we will once again be at Evermore Nevermore for our somewhat weekly Life Drawing Sketch Session. It's from 6pm till 8pm and it's only ten dollars! So brush up on your sketching skills and come stare at our beautiful, fully clothed model for two hours.
And afterwards, stick around and watch
Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
with Bob, he's dope.

Thanks, New Photos & Fashion Show!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Second Friday event at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE. We were excited to see so many people out and we're glad everyone enjoyed the sketches, which should be up in the galleries soon.

We're proud to announce that there's a new Gallery up from OddCo's First Photo Shoot. Check out all the pics of stunningly beautiful women in OddCo garb. On that note, we'd like to thank all of the models, Katie Tansy, Lanea Stroup, Kelli Heilman, Chelsea Padilla, Matthew Coulter Hunsaker, Chris Martinovich and "Boston", for coming out and being so great.

Finally, OddCo will have clothing showcased in the Midnight In A Winter Horrorland Fashion Show at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE. The shining piece in our collection will be a Silver and Black Collector's Edition Shrunken Head dress which
is a collaboration between OddCo and the immensely talented Amanda Tucker of
Modified Minds. So come out and check out
our brand new dress and the amazing clothes
of amazingly talented local designers!

Second Friday Is Tonight!

Our monthly Second Friday Art Show at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE is TONIGHT from 6pm till 930pm (maybe later if you show up in droves) doing FREE sketches for all. We will be premiering a new Oswald art print, a new Oswald trading card, three new posters from OddCo's latest photo shoot and we'll be having a massive sale. All of our art prints are going
to marked down to $10, all of our women's shirts will be marked down to $16 and our decals will now be priced $3 for small and $7 for medium and large. Also, as a special promotion for TONIGHT ONLY, we will be giving away a FREE Oswald trading card with EVERY purchase! So come the out, meet some awesome new people and get some free/discounted merch!

Thanks And Second Friday!

First off, we'd like to thank everyone who
came out to our Life Drawing Session on Friday, including our model Jasmine Gianni Avila. Thanks for coming out even on First Friday!

We've just put two new galleries up on our Galleries page, Life Drawing Sketches
and Commissioned Work. If you have attended any of our
Life Drawing Sessions and would like to have your work
featured in our Life Drawing Gallery, email your sketches
and info to swizzle@odditycommodity.com.

Finally, we'd like to remind you of our monthly Second Friday Art Show at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE, which is FRIDAY! Oddity Commodity will be in the store from 6pm till 930pm (maybe later if you show up in droves) doing FREE sketches for all. We'll be premiering a new art print, a new trading card and have a few surprises in store. You can find more info and/or RSVP on our Myspace Event
or Facebook Event. Thanks and you better be there!

December's First & Second Friday Event Info!

Oddity Commodity will be continuing its hosting duties for the Life Drawing Sessions
at the eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE store on
First Friday, December 4th from 6pm to 8pm. We'll be featuring fully clothed models available for sketching in a succession of quick and long poses. This session also happens to be a FREE session, so come on out, meet some new artsy friends and take a crack at drawing some beautiful girls sitting on tables. For more info and/or to RSVP check out the Facebook Event.

Also, we'd like to remind you of our monthly Second Friday Art Show at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE, which is quickly approaching. Oddity Commodity will be in the store from 6pm till 930pm (maybe later if you show up in droves) doing FREE sketches for all. You can find more info and/or RSVP on our Myspace Event or Facebook Event. Thanks and hope to see you soon!

OddCo Hosts Life Drawing Sessions.

Starting November 27th, Oddity Commodity will be hosting weekly life drawing sessions
at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE. The sessions will take place every first, third and last Friday of every month and will be from 6pm till 8pm.
The sessions will concentrate on developing different areas of life drawing including detailed sketches, quick sketches, crosshatch shading, charcoal drawing and more. As an added bonus and a limited time offer, our two first sessions, on the
27th of November and the 4th of December, will be free for all. The sessions will feature a fully clothed model, so all ages welcome to participate. Make sure to bring your own supplies, however some supplies may be available to rent for the session. Thanks and hope to see you there.

Web Banners. Get On It.

We have created a couple web banners so that you loyal fans can express your love for us and spread the word. Check them out on our new Downloads page and throw them up on your Myspace or web page. Thanks.

New Flyer & Event Info For December's Second Friday!

The Oddity Commodity crew will be having
a another sketch session at the eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE store on Friday, December 11th. The immensely talented artists Chris Burkheart and James Hiralez will be doing
free sketches for anyone who comes into
said store between the hours of 6pm and 10pm. Also, we'll be premiering quite a bit of new merch. You can find out more specific details and/or RSVP on our Myspace Event or Facebook Event. Keep an eye out for more info this month!

Thanks, Next Show, Coming Soon, Updates & Facebook!

Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone who came out to the Friday The 13th Show at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE. Everyone was so nice and incredibly patient while waiting for their sketches for our artists. We'd especially like to thank the staff of eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE for their support and for allowing us to invade their space for the night. On that note ...

Secondly, OddCo is pleased to announce that from this point on, we will be holding a monthly sketch session every Second Friday at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE. The next session will be on December 11th, so stay tuned for more info on the show. And again, we'd also like to thank eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE for being so hospitable and hosting these events.

Thirdly, we are working on a plethora of new merch and such for next month's Second Friday. Stay tuned for more info on these items and be sure to look out for more info on the show itself.

Fourthly, we've had some updates to our site. We've added new pics to our Galleries and our Links page.

And finally, we have a new Facebook page, so if you're on Facebook, become a fan, chump!

New Site Updates & Friday The 13th Show Info!

First off, the amazingly talented artist, Garland Watson from Vindictive Comics, will be at the Friday The 13th Sketch Session at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE. He'll be joining Chris Burkheart and James Hiralez in doing free sketches for all. Please come on out and support our new venue.

Secondly, we've added plenty of new content to the site. We've added four new galleries to the Galleries page including a Drawn of the Dead Gallery, a Hidden House Halloween Gallery, a Fine Art Gallery and a Sketches Gallery. Also, the Store page has gotten a makeover and we've also added some new merch. So, go check it out and be sure to come down to our Sketch Session at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE this Friday.

Friday The 13th at eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE. Hooray!

The Oddity Commodity crew will be
having a sketch session at the eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE store THIS FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! The remotely talented artists James Hiralez and his assistant Chris Burkheart will be doing free sketches for anyone who comes into said store between the hours of 6pm and 9:30pm. Also, we'll be premiering a brand new, exclusive to eVeRmOrE NeVeRmOrE, hot off the
presses art print featuring an as of yet rarely seen OddCo character! Be there or be DEAD! Socially of course ... and physically.

We're In A New Store/New Store's Grand Opening!

We here at OddCo are excited and proud to announce that we have found a new store, Evermore Nevermore, to carry our clothes. This new shop is the AMAZING! Located in downtown Mesa, they bring a much needed dark tone to an otherwise too cheery atmosphere. Now don't get us wrong, these are the nicest people you'll ever meet, but they'd also love to see you as a zombie. Also, said store is having a Grand Opening weekend party bash thingy! Tonight, Friday, they will be having a fashion show, giveaways and even a preview to the hottest new zombie play, They Wait! So come on out to check out the festivities and don't worry if you can't make it tonight, they'll be celebrating all weekend.

Drawn Of The Dead (And So It Continues)

Continuing our series of Halloween art shows in Phoenix, we will be having our next show, aptly named "Drawn of the Dead", on Friday, October 23rd at Drawn To Comics in Glendale. We'll be displaying Halloween themed artwork by members of OddCo and several of our friends, as well as selling our newest shirt. Come check out our show and be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming events.  

And So It Begins (Halloween Edition)

Over the month of October, we will be putting on a series of Halloween art shows in Phoenix. The first of which will be on Monday October 12th at The Hidden House on Osborn & 7th Ave and will be starting at 9pm (21+). We'll be displaying Halloween themed artwork by members of OddCo and several of our friends, as well as selling our newest shirt. Come check out our show and be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming events.  

Chris Is (Not And Never Was) A Dirty [CENSORED]...

Even though he needs to do my clown sketches already. Hermee is waiting dammit! On a completely unrelated note, we here at OddCo are still alive and working. We've been in the lab working on some new ways to take over the world, so keep your eyes peeled. However, we'd like to assure you, the adoring fans, that our first love will always be the shirts. And on that note, we're planning a new shirt for an October release that ties into everyone's favorite holiday. So stay tuned and I might be able to steal a preview from the very talented people who actually do the work here. Peace.

Happy Birthday To Marvel Comics!

Marvel Comics is celebrating their 70th Anniversary and our local Drawn To Comics comic shop is going to be hosting a birthday bash on Tuesday, August 11th from 6pm to 9pm. OddCo will be out doing sketches and joining in on the festivities. So come on out, get a sketch, a piece of cake and help us thank Marvel for bringing us the best in comics for 70 years.

We at OddCo would also like to take this time to congratulate Drawn To Comics on their Eisner Spirit Of Comics Retailer Award nomination. We're sure it was an honor to be named ONE OF THE BEST COMIC SHOPS IN THE WORLD and we hope you see you win next year. So congrats Ken and we'll see you at the party!

Congrats On The Art Show!

We'd like to send our congratulations out to James Hiralez, TalentZero and the rest of the artists that participated in the "Afro La Raza" show at the Wrigley Mansion on Friday night. It was an amazing turnout and the art was spectacular. We look forward to the next show and we wish you good luck on upcoming projects.

Holy Art Night Batman! ... And You Guys!

Well it's the beginning of a new month, or rather the end of an old one, and we'd like to tell you about some of the things that are going to be happening next Friday, the 7th of August. Firstly, chronologically and not by matter of importance, Oddity Commodity will be making its triumphant return to First Friday. We will be taking up our new place on the Conspire lawn and are as excited as 14-year-old girls waiting for the next school dance, ie very excited. We're a little bit nervous of the reception at our new digs so come on out and show us why we're still in this business. Lastly, one of our very own members, James Beso Hiralez (Yes, that's his real middle name), is going to be joining our good friend TalentZero aka Ray Rivas for an art show entitled "Afro La Raza" at the famed Wrigley Mansion. The show will also be taking place on August 7th and will be from 7:30pm - 11:00pm with a $10 cover charge. So whether you're interested in a more free, raucous, homely art scene or a more upscale, formal, fine art feel we've gotcha covered. For more info on the "Afro La Raza" show, go to TalentZero.com or click here. Thanks again comrades.

Conspire: Arts Cooperative For You & Me!

We're another synonym for happy to announce that we are now a part of the Conspire Arts Cooperative! We'd like to thank the members of Conspire for letting us join their elusive, prestigious and highly coveted group. What this means for you, our beloved fans, is we will now be showcasing our shirts in the Conspire house in downtown Phoenix at 5th St. & Garfield. Also, this means that after our well deserved month off, we will be vending at the August First Friday on August 7th. We will now be located on the Conspire lawn rather than the booth we usually occupied. So, we hope you'll come check out our new digs at Conspire. Peace.

We're On The Market!

We're happy to announce that OddCo merchandise is now carried in two shops in the Phoenix area. We're now featured in Drawn To Comics (Voted 2008 Phoenix New Times Best Comic Book Shop) in Glendale, AZ and Culture Fresh Boutique in Downtown Phoenix! So if you get chance to check out either of these fine establishments, we highly suggest it. Support local business. Peace.

Floaty Recall...

It has just come to our attention that the ink used to print on some of the Floaty shirts may not have been fully cured. Unfortunately, this means that when washed, parts of the design may wash out or fade from the shirt. We at OddCo believe in quality above all else and were worried to say the least when this was brought to our attention. So, we have taken steps to fix the shirts we currently have in stock, so any shirt we sell from this point forward should have no problems whatsoever. However, if you've previously purchased a Floaty shirt and are experiencing this problem, please contact us as soon as possible and we will replace your shirt or exchange it for another design at no cost to you. Thanks for your understanding and we hope to see you at our next event. Peace.

We'd Like To Welcome The Women Of The World To OddCo! Hello.

Ladies OddCo - Plum
Ladies OddCo - Chocolate
So we're putting out our very first women's shirts and we are incredibly excited. We received many a request to clothe the fair maidens of our land and we feel we rose to the occasion spectacularly. So to the women of the world, you're welcome and we hope to see you in even more of our clothes in the future. Peace.

June First Friday!

First Friday MapWe are going to be at the June First Friday in downtown Phoenix on Friday, June 5th. We're going to be out there from 6pm till 11pm and we hope to see you come out. We'll be premiering our very first women's shirts and are excited to see the response. Our booth should be in the same place as before which is on 5th St. between Garfield & McKinley. So come on out and have
some fun taking in the Phoenix art scene. Peace.

It's Been Awhile, But Thanks For The Support!

We've had a really good month and unfortunately, that means I've been too busy (lazy) to put any updates on the site. Well we're back and here to tell you all thanks! We had a great turnout at the May First Friday and really are starting to feel the love. We were also incredibly fortunate enough to be featured at Drawn To Comics' First Annual Free Comic Book Day. There are new pics up in our Gallery to prove it. We had such a warm reception and were just thrilled to have so many people enjoying our art. We'd like to thank Ken and his family for having us and to every person who was there volunteering. You guys were great and sure made the day more fun. Well, if we've forgotten to thank anyone for anything, we're very sorry. Email us and we'll be happy to correct our mistake. Thanks again everyone! We hope to see you June 5th for the next First Friday. Peace.

Floaty Flyer!

Floaty Flyer Check out the new flyer for Floaty.

We'd Like To Welcome Our Latest Creation!


This is a silhouette of one our good friends, Floaty. We're going to be premiering his new shirt at the next Phoenix First Friday on April 3rd. We will be manning our own booth this month so plan to come out and check out Floaty in all his waterlogged goodness. Peace.


Shrunken Head Prize WinnersWe're ecstatic to announce that we have winners for our Shrunken Head colored
piece. The prize was given away at the
last First Friday event at our booth. The
two lucky kids were just overjoyed to be
taking home the signed and framed pic.
We still have one more Shrunken Head themed prize to give away, so make sure you come out to the next First Friday
on April 3rd. And congratulations to our winners.

OddCo At First Friday!

OddCo will be appearing again at First Friday on March 6th. We will have a booth on 5th St. between McKinley & Garfield. The event is from 6pm till 11pm and we hope to see you out there. Here's a map to help with the location. Thanks!   First Friday Map

OddCo Gallery & Store Merch Updates!

We just updated out Galleries page with two new galleries including more CESH Shirt production photos and our February First Friday appearance. Also, new merch pics and info are up on our Store page. Take a look and enjoy, my friends. Thanks!

OddCo's MySpace Blog!

We've just turned our MySpace Blog into a News page. So please subscribe to our blog and keep updated on our happenings. Thanks!

OddCo's First First Friday Support!

We'd like to thank everyone who came out to support us at First Friday last night. We had a lot of fun and were glad to see so many people out. So thanks guys!

OddCo's First First Friday Location!

Our booth is located between Garfield and McKinley on Fifth St. We will be out there as late as they let us, so please come out and support our first run. For more info please call 602.501.4542. Thank you.

OddCo's First First Friday Appearance UPDATED!

It seems that we won't know exactly where our booth is until we get there Friday evening. We do however have an idea of the area we will be in. Our booth should be in the vicinity of Garfield and Fifth St in downtown Phoenix. We will be updating the location as soon as we get better info. So please come out and support our first run. Thank you.

OddCo's First First Friday Appearance!

We are proud to announce that we will presenting our first Oddity Commodity booth at First Friday in downtown Phoenix this Friday the 6th! Unfortunately, we are unaware of the actual location of the booth as of the writing of this post. We will however update the site as soon as we receive this information. So please plan on coming out to see us this Friday evening where we will be selling merchandise and giving away our CESH Promotional prizes! Thank you.

Shrunken Head Shirt Rumors Debunked!

There have been numerous rumors floating around about our new Collector's Edition Shrunken Head shirts and I'd like to take a minute to clear them up.

  • First of all, there has been a rumor about the shirts having the Shrunken Head's eyes "hand-stitched" shut. This is a complete farce. We're not exactly sure who started spreading this misinformation. We think it was us actually, but nevertheless, it is inaccurate. We'd like to apologize for the confusion and assure you that you will still be receiving a quality product that you'd be proud to tell all your friends about.
  • Secondly, there's been word that the relationship between the designers Christopher Burkheart and James Hiralez is "on the rocks". This is ridiculous! The two have never been more in love and continue to design harmonious when not taking their twin Shih Tzus, Alexander & Sprinkles, for long sunset walks.
  • Lastly, it seems to be widely believed that by chanting the phrase "Ada Due Damballa, Give Me The Power I Beg Of You", you may transfer your soul to another's body. While it may most likely be true, the claims are unsubstantiated.
Thank you.

Shrunken Head Shirt Promotion!

We will be running a promotion with the sales of our Collector's Edition Shrunken Head shirts! When you buy your CESH shirt, check the back of your numbered hang tag for our official Oddity Commodity sticker. If you have either a gold foil or silver foil sticker on your hang tag, you will instantly win a prize! The prizes for the gold shirts will either be a limited "non-foil" CESH shirt or a framed copy of the Shrunken Head design that has been hand colored by our colorist James and can be seen here. The piece is signed by James (colorist/inker) and Chris (penciler/concept artist). So make sure you get your shirt before the limited numbers disappear!

MySpace Page

Our MySpace is now up and is looking pretty fine. Check it out at myspace.com/odditycommodity or from our Contacts page. We're now accepting applications for friends so go ahead and add us to your friends list. Peace!

Website Launch

As you can see, our website is up and running. Be sure to check back often to see the new content and updates that will be added to the site. Make sure to reload the site to see any new changes. Thanks!

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